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Cardano’s Hydra: The Scaling Solution of the Future for the ADA Ecosystem, Capable of Handling Thousands of TPS



Since its conception, it has been touted that Hydra will give the Cardano network scalability of over one million Transactions Per Second (TPS). This came from the standpoint that each “Hydra head” is capable of processing 1000 tops based on simulations. Therefore, with 1000 stake pools and 1000 TPS, this would amount to 1 million TPS.

“ we add more stake pools, we get more heads, and the performance will scale up. For example, if you have a thousand TPS and a thousand heads, you could be looking at a maximum theoretical performance of a million transactions per second,” Charles Hoskinson, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IOHK said in a description of the highly anticipated feature emphasis the TPS capabilities of the protocol.

On Saturday, a Cardano community member identified as Marco Meerman released a tweet claiming that Hydra allows Cardano to process as much as 1 million TPS. However, that assumption was immediately debunked by a Cardano core developer Matthias “KtorZ” Benkfort who said such statements were misleading.

He also pointed him and other followers to some websites to get accurate information on Hydra.

This further explains that Hydra’s capabilities have been overhyped beyond what it can really do even after Hoskinson tried to dissipate this narrative in one of the Twitter sessions that he posted. It seems many Cardano community members misunderstood his statement about Hydra heads when it was first introduced.

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