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XRP Community Reacts to Bitcoiner Max Keiser’s Recent Comments on Ripple



Keiser responded to Ripple’s latest acquisition of Metaco, saying Ripple’s business model was selling unregistered securities and that the SEC was right to shut them down. Yesterday, Ripple announced the big news that it was venturing into the crypto custody market with the acquisition of Metaco, a Swiss-based provider of digital asset custody and tokenization technology.

Mr. Huber, a vocal XRP community member, commented on Twitter while tagging Max Keiser that Ripple is an unlikely candidate to be shut down, citing the judge’s recent ruling. “A judge calling to protect Ripple’s sales of XRP because it’s their main line of business doesn’t sound the slightest like a judge who is going to shut it down,” he tweeted.

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of Judge Torres’ recent ruling on the Hinman emails, which underlined the fact that “ODL is one of Ripple’s main lines of business.” XRP enthusiast and Australian lawyer Bill Morgan thinks that the most recent decision on the Hinman emails might suggest that Judge Torres has informed herself considerably about Ripple’s past and current business.

The judge, he continues, appears to be fully aware that Ripple’s business currently revolves around sales to ODL clients rather than institutional and programmatic sales of XRP as it did in the past. Morgan continues that “the materials relating to Ripple’s ODL she found should be redacted. Interesting, that she calls it a product. Sales of XRP to ODL customers are part of the product, not a common enterprise, perhaps. No mention of Howey.”

In positive news, Ripple has announced the launch of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) platform that enables governments, financial institutions and central banks to issue their digital currency. The platform is built on XRP Ledger. The CBDC platform is an improved version of Ripple’s Private Ledger, created in 2021 for issuing CBDCs. #Ripple News #XRP #Max Keiser #Cryptocurrency influencer

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