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Shiba Inu Solves Ledger Vulnerability with Innovative Partnership and Cold Storage Solution



Shiba Inu is reportedly working to announce another major update to the Shib community. According to Lucie, a Shiba Inu official content marketing specialist, the team would soon launch the SHIB cold wallet updates with information on pre-orders expected today or tomorrow.

Shibarium1, an official member of the SHIB team, has also disclosed that the team has an exclusive promotional offer to incentivize the wallet launch. Even though match details were not revealed, it is expected that the offer may include discounts and bonuses for users who use the cold storage at launch.

It has also been reported that there could be a collaboration between the Shiba Inu team and Huobi and Certik with much focus on the cold wallet. It is reported that the wallet would support multiple currencies and would have an extra layer of security to lock tokens away from high market volatility and other threats.

Swiss-based cryptocurrency hardware wallet Tangem is reportedly mandated to build the wallet. It can be recalled that Shibarium1 urged the community to visit the company’s official website for the wallet features and any possible pre-orders.

Per the information available, 6,000 currencies including cryptos and fiats would be supported, and would also provide quick access to decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized exchanges (DEX), etc.

Lucie Speaks on the Cold Wallet
According to Lucie, the wallet would be the same size as a credit card for easy movement.

New $SHIB X @Tangem cold wallet storage edition. An easy and affordable way to keep your assets safe. Store and manage your digital assets anywhere in the world: Supports over 6,000 currencies– Access to DeFi, NFTs, DEXs, and more– No fees– No need to input your personal data– All you need is a phone– Same size as a credit card– No batteries or cables– 25+ years of service life. Please wait for Shib edition date announcement how to order.

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