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This Is What Cardano Was Truly Built For: Charles Hoskinson



Cardano’s visionary founder, Charles Hoskinson, recently tweeted about the collaboration between IOG and WMC. He noted his pride in the partnership and emphasized that Cardano was created to scale, foster interoperability and forge identity in applications, particularly in banking the unbanked and connecting the unconnected.

Cardano, a product of rigorous academic research and meticulous development, is built on a solid foundation that anticipates the future needs of the global economy. The brainchild of Charles Hoskinson, one of Ethereum’s co-founders, Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform aiming to be the world’s financial operating system. It has been developed from the ground up, informed by scientific philosophy and peer-reviewed academic research.

IOG (Input Output Global), previously IOHK, is the organization responsible for constructing Cardano from the ground up. IOG’s collaboration with WMC reflects the network’s intent to build a robust ecosystem that empowers individuals and communities. The partnership aims to realize Cardano’s vision of banking the unbanked, a mission that is now more possible than ever, thanks to the platform’s capabilities.

Cardano has made significant strides in the cryptocurrency space, with the network recently rising to become the ninth largest DEX blockchain globally. This ascension can be attributed to the scalability, interoperability and identity features that Hoskinson references in his tweet. Cardano’s capacity for scalability is part of what makes it attractive for large-scale applications. Its Ouroboros protocol enables the platform to process more transactions at a faster speed than many other blockchains.

Interoperability is another strong suit for Cardano. It is designed to interact seamlessly with other blockchains, a feature that is integral in today’s interconnected, digitized world.

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