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While Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum(ETH) Prices are Falling, DigiToads (TOADS) is expected to continue its upward trajectory



Newcomers to crypto often focus on the most well-known coins first & this is perfectly understandable, after all, BTC and ETH grab the headlines and are the only tokens mainstream investors might read about on established non-crypto financial news sites. But these tokens aren’t necessarily the best options to invest in over the next few months, nor are they the best crypto for beginners. That’s because prices remain stagnant, and their large caps mean it’s much harder to enjoy short-term growth as they’re already much closer to their maximum.

*After all, many investors are attracted to ETH and BTC because of how well they performed in the past. But it’s too late to join the party if you missed out on BTC at $1 many years ago. Those days are over. While there’s still a future for BTC and ETH, experts think they will remain stagnant for some time. But the good news is that profitable tokens are still available right now that have more potential to bring you gains in the short, medium, and long term. Tokens like DigiToads are helping reshape the P2E memecoin market, and are continuing to thrive. Here’s why it could be the best option:

DigiToads (TOADS)
If you want to stake trending NFTs for residual passive income, enjoy being part of a comprehensive P2E environment that’s both fun and rewarding, and be part of a presale that’s primed for stratospheric growth: look no further than DigiToads (TOADS). It offers all these benefits and more. TOADS could be ready to fire up even further the altcoin charts as it becomes arguably the best investment opportunity in crypto right now.

The TOADS platform implements a range of innovative features as part of its fully-comprehensive model. These include an NFT staking pool which provides long-term passive income, regular token burns to help improve deflationary mechanics, a TOADS treasury, charitable donations, and more. All these sit alongside the revolutionary TOADS digital swamp arena, allowing you to enjoy yourself while battling it out for more rewards with your digital companion.

There will be a total of 585m TOADS defi tokens, putting in place an upper limit to ensure scarcity grows as more tokens are burned throughout its journey (2% of every transaction is burned automatically). With approx 272.5 million tokens available during their presale. Now is the time to invest in order to lock in as the price will continue to rise. The TOADS presale has already generated over $ 3.7 million in sales, and this growth looks set to continue as more investors flock to the TOADS ecosystem for fun, rewards, and gains.

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