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Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon Partners with ClubRare to Launch a Groundbreaking Social Commerce Platform for Collectors and Creators of Phygital Goods



Renowned blockchain platform Polygon (MATIC) has sealed a partnership agreement with an innovative Web3 social e-commerce platform ClubRare to introduce a social commerce platform for collectors and creators of Phygital goods.

Phygital is a portmanteau of two words, “Physical” and “digital”, and exists as the act of giving digital identities to physical objects through the combination of blockchain, NFT, and NFC technologies. According to the announcement, the partnership would transform the method and procedure of how phygital goods are discovered, collected, bought, and sold.

Paul Chung, CEO of ClubRare commented on this:

We are thrilled to join forces with Polygon for the upcoming launch of our pioneering social e-commerce platform. With Polygon’s extensive support and expertise, we’re confident in building a social e-commerce platform that will redefine how phygital goods are discovered, collected, bought, and sold. We aim to attract collectors and enthusiasts worldwide, forming a dynamic and engaged community.

As demanded by the partnership, the innovative social e-commerce platform would be launched through the global network of Polygon while leveraging its experience in Web3. The enthusiasts are said to be the center of this initiative. For this reason, the team would ensure they discover and engage with Phygital goods with a groundbreaking, immersive, and unique experience.

Polygon and ClubRare to Focus on Users’ Experience
Polygon’s role in this collaboration includes providing official backing to ClubRare by ensuring the development and growth of its platform. Polygon has in return been selected by ClubRare’s DAO as the leading candidate for the mainnet expansion.

ClubRare has always been dedicated to improving the experience of creators and collectors by providing an environment where users can express their collecting passion while engaging with like-minded enthusiasts.

It caters to collectors and creators alike, providing an immersive platform to showcase, trade, and celebrate Phygital goods. In collaboration with Polygon, ClubRare aims to establish a vibrant, engaged community that revolutionizes the world of limited and rare phygital goods.

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