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The Open Network (TON) Collaborates with DWF Labs and Amazon Web Services To Launch a Hackathon Over the Next Few Months



The Open Network (TON), an open source community-led blockchain, has announced a strategic partnership with DWF Labs – a global digital asset market maker – and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch a competitive hackathon dubbed Hack-a-TON x DWF Labs x AWS. According to the announcement from TON Foundation, the Hack-a-TON x DWF Labs x AWS will be welcoming ideas from developers all over the world with different prizes for the top three winners.

Closer Look at the TON-Backed Hackathon
The TON-backed Hackathon will help upcoming DeFi developers get to learn and network with other coders present in the event. The virtual workshop will include several mentors from the three entities to guide the young DeFi developers to successful specialists. The three entities have set aside more than $150k both in USD and in TON to sponsor the winning DeFi projects after the hackathon is completed.

Notably, the third runner-up will be rewarded with $30,000 worth of TON sponsored by DWF Labs, $10,000 worth of AWS Credits, and $30,000 worth of TON in grants. The second runner-up is expected to bag $50,000 worth of TON sponsored by DWF Labs, $50,000 worth of TON in grants, and $10,000 worth of AWS Credits. The winner of the TON-backed hackathon has been promised $70,000 worth of TON sponsored by DWF Labs, $70,000 worth of TON coins in grants, and $10,000 worth of AWS Credits.

However, there is a registration process and development process expected to take the next few months before the hackathon completes. Meanwhile, interested DeFi developers have been urged to ask the AWS, DWF Labs, and TON mentors through the virtual chat space for any questions. Furthermore, the hackathon has been scheduled from May 27 to July 27 as the timeline to equip the participants with the necessary skills to fruition their ideas.

Notably, the registration for the Hack-a-TON DWF Labs x AWS is scheduled to close on June 27, 2023, at 12:00 (UTC+4), as the build phase continues until July 27, 2023, at 23:00 (UTC+4).

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