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VeChain Attends Private Meeting with Boston Consulting Group and 1,800+ Leaders from Billion-Dollar Companies to Drive the Blockchain of the Future



VeChain (VET) has through innovative means promoted the agenda of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in the last few years. Its passion for this course has earned it an invite to a private meeting with the Boston Consulting Group and 1800 leaders of global enterprises. Interestingly, VeChain was the only blockchain invited.

In a tweet, VeChain urged enterprises to consider its new development tools to understand why enterprises choose their native token VET. As part of the description of its promotional video from the event, it presented its VORJ.APP to the world. <- Our no-code solution to allow you to deploy #Ethereum-standard tokens, #NFTs or integrate preconfigured APIs/Smart contracts and build projects with ease – for people and businesses alike. Whether beginner or pro, we’re bridging the #Web2 -> #Web3 gap and helping onboard the next billion users to blockchain.

In the promotional video, VeChain stated that it engages everyone in sustainability. Instead of imagining a sustainable, inclusive, and equitable world, VeChain has an innovative approach to get everyone involved to make the world a better place.

Recently, it was reported that the blockchain accounts for 4,459.41 kg in carbon emission and a total of 1,789.58 kg YTD. This puts it ahead of most of the blockchains as it drives adoption through low transaction fees and high throughput.

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