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The Epic Showdown in Meme Coin Arena: Dogecoin (DOGE), Pepe (PEPE), and DigiToads (TOADS).



With practical features and an early presale success, DigiToads (TOADS) has become a solid competitor to already established meme coins in the market: Dogecoin (DOGE) and Pepe (PEPE).

In the enormous world of cryptocurrencies, an unexpected phenomenon has emerged: the rise of meme coins. Among them, animal-themed meme coins have grabbed center stage, fighting in a ferocious war for domination. From Pepe Coin to Dogecoin to the newcomer DigiToads, these digital currencies with charming mascots have caught the attention of investors worldwide.

As high-potential crypto projects introduce investors to multiple profit-earning opportunities as the best coins to invest in, DOGE, TOADS, and PEPE are standing strong on their grounds as top crypto coins in the meme sphere. Let’s go ahead and explore what makes these meme coins different from one another.

DigiToads distinguishes itself from its competition by emphasizing practical features and real-world solutions. With a toad as its mascot, this meme project has pledged to donate 2.5% of the TOADS tax collected from each transaction to organizations working to save the habitat of toads and other species, i.e., the Amazon Rainforest and other forests. With these toads losing 10,000 acres of their home due to capitalism, DigiToads hopes to assist in replanting trees to keep these species from becoming extinct. So not only does the project contribute to a real-world cause, but it also allows investors to add a crypto asset to their portfolio that brings real-world value.

The project will also use 2% of TOADS transactions to burn this token regularly as part of a deflationary strategy to help constantly increase the $TOADS value. This regular token burn will help contribute to the stable value growth of the token by restricting the market supply of $TOADS while its demand continues to increase. As a result, the deflationary model will allow $TOADS to stand strong as a stable and rising meme coin in the long run.

Toad-Vengers, a 7-member squad of alternate animal NFTs entrusted with supporting the toads wherever needed, is another promising aspect of DigiToads. The Toad-vengers will be chosen by the DigiToads community based on the NFT’s use case and overall rarity. Once the squad is complete, the profits earned by Toad-Vengers will be distributed evenly to TOADS holders.

Currently priced at a meager rate of 0.036 USD in its Lilypad 7 presale stage, the fast-selling out of TOADS tokens even before the official listing of this meme coin also backs up the early success of this project. Making TOADS one of the best cryptocurrencies in the meme world, DigiToads has sold more than 298,578,040 of its tokens out of the allotted 405.35M tokens for presale and community bonuses. Another noteworthy factor that sets DigiToads apart from its competitors is the absence of a vesting period.

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