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Cardano Founder Reacts to Jim Cramer’s Comment On ‘Cardanzo’



Cardano founder Hoskinson reacts to Jim Cramer’s mispronunciation of Cardano, sparking humorous content across the crypto community.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the blockchain platform Cardano, recently took to Twitter to correct Jim Cramer, the CNBC Mad Money host and prominent crypto critic, when he mispronounced Cardano as ‘Cardanzo’ during a recent CNBC interview.

In the interview, Cramer was asked about the implications of the recent rounds of lawsuits filed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Binance and Coinbase for the broader crypto industry. 

In response, Cramer remarked: “Absolutely! I think if you are in a series of coins that were mentioned, we all kind of know them Solana ‘Cardanzo’…” 

This mispronunciation of Cardano, as contained in a video snippet shared on Twitter, caught the attention of Hoskinson, who promptly addressed it on Twitter. 

Hoskinson tweeted, “It’s Car Dano, Jim,” in a lighthearted manner. Hoskinson’s correction reflects the ongoing engagement between crypto founders and industry critics such as Cramer.

Crypto Community Weighs in

The incident also caught the attention of crypto enthusiasts and influencers, with some seizing the opportunity to produce witty content. A well-known crypto YouTuber, James Money, sarcastically tweeted, “Cardano is dead. Long live #Cardanzo.”

Similarly, Garry Golden, a top commenter on the Cardano ecosystem, humorously suggested that the Cardano community should vote to keep or rebrand to ‘Cardanzo.’ These reactions demonstrate the vibrant and dynamic nature of the crypto community, where even disagreements and mispronunciations can spark lively discussions.

Jim Cramer has continuously made negative remarks about crypto projects, sometimes leveraging regulatory actions to advise crypto enthusiasts to exit their positions at a loss. Earlier this year, the Mad Money host described fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as ‘House of Cards,’ as reported by The Crypto Basic.

Cramer is also well-known for his calls on stock picks – a practice that has triggered a long-standing tradition of humorous content within the crypto community, leading to the infamous “Inverse Cramer” ETF.