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Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Experience Decline in New Custom, While DigiToads (TOADS) Investors Get Confident



Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto giants are weakened as waves of fear cripple the financial markets. Inflationary pressures could lead to Bitcoin having its first monthly decline this year, while Ethereum has been trading sideways for a month.

Amid such uncertainty, DigiToads has managed to attract investors’ interest with a predicted price gain of 2,000% this year. With 260% returns so far, DigiToads’ supporters are getting more confident in this new entrant decoupled from the market. Here’s why DigiToads could keep your portfolio in the green in the following months and even years.

Interest in DigiToads Soars After New Price Increase
If you’re wondering which crypto to buy right now, DigiToads should be at the top of your shortlist. The revolutionary project records impressive early success, raising over $ 4.65 million in only a short space of time and more than 298 million tokens have already been sold, out of a total of 405 million available during the presale.

The hype surrounding DigiToads is thanks to its huge potential as it targets long-term investors and play-to-earn gamers, active traders and meme coin enthusiasts, but also sustainable investors since it will donate a portion of its profits to environmental charities.

The platform offers multiple ways to generate passive income. Gamers can join tournaments to demonstrate their skills and earn TOADS tokens in return, while passionate traders can hone their skills in the Toads School and participate in trading contests.

Meme coin enthusiasts are joining the toads’ community in large numbers as they stand to earn up to $150,000 worth of weekly giveaways.

Long-term investors can build the foundation for generational wealth in a variety of ways. For instance, buying and staking cool NFTs on the platform will be heftily rewarded from the staking pool, which is poised to keep growing indefinitely by adding 2% of all transactions.

The more you stake your digital asset, the more you earn. At the same time, simply becoming a TOADS holder will make you grow your portfolio, as the platform uses a reward system that will airdrop 10% of all revenues from in-game items to all holders, regardless of whether they engage in gaming competitions or they are passive holders.

Thanks to these practical features of DigiToads, experts estimate that the price could skyrocket by 2,000% once the presale ends and the token is launched on Uniswap and Bitmart. So far, the price has increased by 270% and is expected to reach 450% gains at the time of the big launch.

Ethereum Is Trading Sideways
At press time, Ethereum is 0.01% down in the past month, indicating a sideways trend. Just like Bitcoin, this crypto giant is affected by economic uncertainty, which has led to a selloff in the equity markets that spilled into crypto as well.

On the good side, the Ethereum NFT activity has been on the rise lately. Coupled with lower gas fees, this could be a bullish sign moving forward.

Bitcoin’s First Monthly Decline in 2023
Bitcoin could experience its first monthly decline in 2023 due to inflationary pressures. Higher inflation has led to a selloff in the equity markets and has spilled into the crypto world as well.

Earlier on, Binance had to freeze withdrawals several times because of the congestion on the blockchain. Essentially, there was a surge in meme coin transactions, increasing the transaction fees. Binance’s withdrawal fees couldn’t keep up with the surge, having to halt all withdrawals.

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