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Cardano Secures EMURGO Funding to Accelerate Web3 Development in Billion Dollar Market



Cardano-based platform Maestro has inked a strategic partnership with venture capital firm EMURGO leading to an investment deal.

The fund will go into providing support and resources for Maestro to facilitate the continued adoption of the Cardano (ADA) blockchain by allowing developers and businesses to develop products and services on the protocol in a more simplified approach. Ultimately, the fund is focused on bolstering the use of the Cardano blockchain.

Maestro is a comprehensive Web 3.0 platform purpose-built for blockchain developers to build innovative Decentralized Applications (DApps) on Cardano and businesses to integrate with Cardano. Its platform is designed in such a way that it offers valuable Cardano infrastructure services for developers. Here they can fund, build, and scale their dApp projects in one place. Hence, the developers leverage Maestro’s ISPO-as-a-service (Initial Stake Pool Offering) to fund their Web 3.0 solution.

In terms of building their Web 3.0 apps, Maestro’s Dapp Developer Platform is the go-to arena for developers.

The platform provides developers with a suite of necessary tools to track Cardano on-chain data in real-time for the products and services. Well-tailored Layer 2 solution which are faster and less expensive can be explored for speeding up transactions and scaling developers and business Web3.0 solutions.

Cardano and EMURGO to Fasttrack Push for Digital Future
On the other hand, EMURGO Venture is the venture investment arm of Cardano blockchain founding entity EMURGO. EMV Venture Partner Kaimin Hu described this collaboration with Maestro as a milestone towards actualizing the goal of a digital future that “enables people and organizations all over the world to transact with one another in a fast, transparent, and secure way,”

Maestro Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Marvin Bertin says the deal is more than an investment, he rather tagged it a strategic partnership that aligns with their shared goal to improve Web3.0 developers experience.

Furthermore, he attested that the funding increases their ability to provide developers with the support and resources needed to harness the full potential of the Web3.0 revolution.

EMURGO Has Track Record of Functional Partnerships
Over time, EMURGO has been known to strike such interesting partnership deals across several sectors and governments. Last year, the VC partnered with Partisia blockchain to allow the exchange of resources to enhance Cardano’s decentralized privacy features on-chain.

Also, Cardano DApps developers get to utilize Partisia’s zero-knowledge and multi-party computation for their dApps. This was in addition to its previous collaborations with Bidali, the Uzbek government, and many others.

Meanwhile, the Cardano blockchain is gaining extensive traction globally with the launch of several innovative products and services. Last month, the Cardano protocol launched its smart contract tool, Marlowe on the mainnet. The domain-specific language (DSL) has now gone through comprehensive audits both internally and externally. Layer 2 scaling solution Cardano Hydra is another innovative conception of the protocol.

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