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Novatti Expands AUDD Stablecoin to XRP Ledger, Unlocking New Possibilities for Stellar-Based Payments



payment company Novatti Group Limited has revealed that it will extend the use of the AUDD stablecoin to the XRP ledger.
Peter Cook is convinced that the deployment of AUDD on the XRP Ledger will spotlight the demand for digital currencies.
Leading payments fintech firm Novatti Group Limited, has announced a major development that involves the Ripple ecosystem. The fintech firm is extending the use of its AUDD stablecoin to the XRP ledger.

The XRP Ledger is an open-source technology that allows anyone to build on the network. The XRP Ledger is currently being maintained by a global large number of participants in the XRPL Community.

The XRP ledger is a consensus protocol that has designated servers known as validators that come to an agreement on the order and outcome of Ripple (XRP) transactions every 3-5 seconds.

With the new development, users will be able to make use of the AUDD stablecoin to carry out payments and trade with other XRPLbased tokens. The Novatti Group Limited explained that users will be able to have access to AUDD via any XRPL-enabled wallet.

At the moment, Novatti is integrating AUDD with its current suite of payment tools. The AUDD stablecoin was made to bridge the gap in the remittance, trading pair, payment gateway, and stablecoin-as-a-service industry.

The CEO of Novatti Group speaks on the long-term goal of the recent move
Speaking on the new development, Peter Cook, the CEO of Novatti Group explained that by deploying AUDD on XRPL, the platform will have the ability to encapsulate the rising demand for cryptocurrencies. As a result, new revenue streams for their businesses will be created, while they maintain their commitment to making their solutions accessible to a large number of networks. Peter Cook asserted.

By deploying AUDD on the XRP Ledger, we will be able to capture the growing demand for digital currencies and create new revenue streams for our business, while delivering on our promise to make our solution available to multiple networks.

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