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Ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Blames Tim Cook: Why Doesn’t the App Support Bitcoin and Ethereum? Report



Jack Dorsey has called out Apple and its CEO Tim Cook for not supporting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Apple has recently announced it will be pulling down the Bitcoin-based social app, Damus, from its official store.
Ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been vocal on Twitter about his displeasure with Apple and its CEO for their stance on Bitcoin. It’s been evident that Apple has been anti-crypto in its Apple app store policies. A number of crypto-friendly apps on the store have called it out for being banned.

The latest to get the harsh treatment is the Bitcoin-based social app Damus. This is a Bitcoin-based protocol for exchanging information and messages in a censorship-resistant way. The app further allows tipping with a feature called “zaps,” which allows users to tip each other in Bitcoin over the lightning network. This could be the main reason for the ban after a term of use by Apple two weeks ago allowing for optional tips and donations, explicitly forbade payments that were required in exchange for digital content.

Damus did not remove this feature and tried to explain that zaps did not “unlock” any digital content for users. Apple did not accept this explanation and insisted that it would lead to an imminent removal.

“Their suggested fix is to use apple pay,” Damus Tweeted on Tuesday.

Sure, I’ll use apple pay when it supports censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer payments to anyone in the world. Maybe start with peer-to-peer first?

Jack Dorsey has since weighed in, writing on Twitter “Tips aren’t unlocking content.” While tagging Apple CEO Tim Cook, Dorsey followed up, asking why Apple Pay doesn’t support Bitcoin.

“Removed from the App Store for enabling tipping to everyone in the world without the need for a bank, payment card, or government permission,” he further stated.

Since stepping down from Twitter in late November, Dorsey has taken a keen interest in Bitcoin. At the Bitcoin 2021 Conference, the Bitcoin advocate stated this about the digital asset- “I don’t think there is anything more important in my lifetime to work on.”

The now principal executive officer and chairperson of Block Inc and the developer of the Square financial services platform has been a true believer of Bitcoin predicting that it will be the currency of the internet and has the potential to create a new financial infrastructure that is more inclusive and supportive of all communities.

Apple’s Relationship with Bitcoin
Although in 2021 there were rumors that Apple was planning to add Bitcoin to its balance sheet, the company has since refuted these claims. However, its CEO Tim Cook has revealed that he owns some coins including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

A conservative company and one that has an interest in protecting the traditional financial system, its adoption of Bitcoin and other digital assets will be slow. But the company is likely to support Bitcoin in the near future as its adoption grows around the world.

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