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Self-proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright Loses Appeal in McCormack Lawsuit



Bitcoiner and podcaster Peter McCormack shares the latest update in the Craig Wright v. Peter McCormack case. In the latest development in the case, self-proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright has lost his appeal. In a tweet, McCormack stated that Wright’s appeal case has been dismissed by the Court of Appeals, thus ending in a loss for the self-proclaimed Satoshi.

McCormack stated that the justices agreed with the previous judgment to reduce Wright’s damages to £1 for putting forward “deliberately false” evidence of serious harm.

In a dig at the self-proclaimed Satoshi, McCormack teased that Wright may now appeal to the Supreme Court, but after reading the decision, he believes this will be denied.

Last August, the ruling judge in the case found that Wright had advanced false evidence in his claim, and it therefore awarded him only nominal damages of one pound (£1).

The judge determined that Wright had told lies and stated that, while damages would have been reduced for other reasons, he would still have made “a more than minimal award” were it not for the lies. Because of the lies, the judge reduced his award to a nominal £1.

Following that, Wright filed an appeal on the sole basis that “the trial judge was wrong to hold that his litigation misconduct could or should serve to reduce his general compensatory damages to a nominal sum of £1.”

He did not, however, challenge any of the judge’s findings of fact. In a July 26 ruling, the justices dismissed the appeal for several reasons.

The legal dispute between McCormack and Wright arose from a 2019 debate, which was later posted on YouTube, in which McCormack labeled Wright a liar and stated that he “is not Satoshi.” Wright stated that such comments cost him money after he was refused invitations to speak at numerous gatherings and conferences.

Craig Wright has been embroiled in a series of legal fights over his claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, whose genuine identity remains a mystery.


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