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Cardano Now Has Zero Downtime in Nearly Six Years



Cardano has experienced no network outage in the past 2,129 days and counting, further sealing its position as a top-class blockchain.

Cardano, the decentralized proof-of-stake blockchain, has added another feather to its crown after it reached a new milestone of continuous uptime. This challenges networks such as Solana, plagued by persistent downtimes.

Dave, a Cardano DEX and development enthusiast, broadcasted this achievement today, stirring elation in the ADA community. The exciting update showed that Cardano is among the most reliable and stable blockchain networks.  

Per the disclosure, Cardano boasts a network uptime of 5.83 years at press time. In other words, the Charles Hoskinson-founded blockchain has experienced no downtime issues in the past 2,129 days and counting. 

To further tout the network’s stability, Dave added: “Built to last, an uptime the largest service providers in the world cannot & will never come close to challenging.” 

User Activity on Cardano Stays High

Cardano’s continuous uptime has encouraged more crypto users to continue utilizing the network for different transactions. Notably, daily transactions on the network have stayed above 60,000 in the past 15 days. 

As of July 26, the total transactions executed on Cardano amounted to 68,757. However, the highest daily transaction recorded on the network in the past 15 days occurred on July 13. On this day, a total of 89,159 transactions were processed by the network. 

Notably, the Cardano Scan explorer showed that the overall transactions executed on the network stand at 72,264,823 as of July 27. The latest data on the platform also revealed that 22.79 billion ADA tokens are staked across 3,182 total stake pools. 

As more users continue to stake ADA, the asset’s value could find its bottom against BTC in the third quarter of the year, as forecasted by a renowned crypto analyst. Recall that Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson previously disclosed that all his ADA holdings are staked.