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Stellar(XLM) Surpasses Bitcoin With Most Crypto Off-Ramps



  • Stellar leads crypto off-ramps, surpassing Bitcoin threefold.
  • Stellar’s mission is to empower the unbanked through 475,000 cash-to-crypto stations.
  • XLM surges 14.39% in 24h.

Stellar, the decentralized and open-source blockchain project, is making a notable impact in the crypto world with its impressive achievement in the number of off-ramps available for digital assets. 

According to a recent blog post by the Stellar team, the project now boasts the most crypto off-ramps on its blockchain. It even outpaced the renowned Bitcoin (BTC) by more than threefold. The announcement has caused a surge in the project’s native XLM token, which has spiked an impressive 14.39% since the news broke.

Why Is Stellar Off-Ramp Reigning Over?

Stellar’s off-ramp services are described as “quick, affordable, and seamless,” allowing users to withdraw USDC and convert it into fiat currency. According to Stellar’s blog, it aims to bridge the gap between the on-chain and off-chain economies by offering enterprise-grade services.

Further, The project’s strategic focus on off-ramps aligns with its mission to lower barriers for the unbanked and underbanked populations. Especially in developing nations where access to traditional banking and digital infrastructure can be limited.

Meanwhile, it’s approach has garnered support from major players like IBM and Stripe, who have partnered with the project. The network now boasts an impressive 475,000 cash-to-crypto stations worldwide, encompassing both on-ramps and off-ramps.

Stellar (XLM) Price Surge

According to CoinMarketCap, XLM’s current price stays at $0.1613. It has been experiencing a bullish momentum for over a month, resulting in a surge of 68.34%. The trading volume is up by 96.19%, reaching $366,664,656.


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