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Cardano Hydra Scaling Protocol Gets Much Needed Updates



The team working on Cardano’s (ADA) newly launched scaling protocol Hydra has announced an update in the specification of the solution. Based on the recently released weekly development report, the Hydra team updated the specification of the protocol to align with recent off-chain protocol changes. 

More Updates Post Hydra Launch

As part of the preparation for event-sourced protocol logic, the team also completed the refactoring of the snapshot emission.

Additionally, the core team updated to GHC 9.2.7, and this translated into improved compiling times as well as slightly smaller Plutus scripts. Since the launch of Cardano Hydra, several upgrades have been integrated to ensure the smooth delivery of its capabilities and functionalities. 

Cardano Hydra, a layer-2 scaling solution, went live on the mainnet about two months ago after a very long time under development. 

It was introduced as part of Cardano’s effort to improve performance, scalability, and security of its blockchain. Hydra was also conceived as a tool with the capacity to reinforce the potential of Cardano’s transformative technology, making the blockchain one of the fastest and most efficient. 

Cardano Hydra to Lead in TPS

Based on the design, Hydra is aimed at propelling Cardano to process up to thousands of transactions per second (TPS), although this is still a mere expectation. 

Compared to Layer-1 protocols like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) which can handle only a fraction of this figure, this projection is a significant improvement. The team in charge of the protocol declared their plan to drive its adoption through several use cases, including payments, auctions, and voting. 

“To achieve this, IOG encourages users to start building on Hydra while welcoming user requests that will unlock new use cases that will be considered for future releases,” Cardano parent company Input Output HK said in a recent tweet.

At the beginning of Q3 2033, in-house developer Sebastian Nagel revealed a new upgrade for Cardano Hydra to version 0.11.0. This upgrade came with new features like timed transaction support and a commitment from external wallets. Markedly, this was its first upgrade after it went live in May. 

In the coming days, more upgrades are expected from the Cardano Hydra development core team.


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