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Solana Founder Criticizes Ethereum Community Over False Claims



  • Anatoly Yakovenko, accused its rivals of spreading false information about a key aspect.
  • As per the Anatoly, the Ethereum community claimed that Solana has exhausted TPS.

The war of words between the Solana (SOL) ecosystem and the Ethereum community has reached a new low after the protocol’s creator, Anatoly Yakovenko, accused its rivals on Twitter of spreading false information about a key aspect of Solana’s performance.

Toly, as he’s known on Twitter, sounded the alert that the Ethereum community claimed that Solana has exhausted TPS, a claim that, if answered, may cause enormous FUD and have a negative effect on the protocol.

Solana’s founder stated:

“It’s disappointing that members in and out of the Ethereum community spread many false rumors about Solana Labs. One of them is that Solana Labs has run out of tps. This is comical but one that has required me to address it for some team members who now know that we have hundreds of millions of tps and plenty more of compute units.”

Common for Rivals

Toly has said that he enjoys competition and would be happy to participate, but only if all participants in the sector strictly adhered to the facts.

It is common for members of rival protocols to often engage in casual conversation as they vie for dominance. Members of the XRP community and Charles Hoskinson, creator of the Cardano protocol, had a contentious relationship due to their competitiveness. Since Hoskinson made peace with the XRP community a few weeks ago, tensions between Cardano and XRP have subsided.

On the other hand, an update on the status of Solana’s reliability and availability was issued by the Solana Foundation on July 20th, detailing the first half of 2023’s network performance. The report highlighted just one outage in 2023 so far.


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