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PEPE founder doxxed on Twitter, following suspicious internal transfers, 16% decline in meme coin



  • PEPE founder was doxxed by Jeremy Cahen, founder of an NFT marketplace, Not Larva Labs. 
  • Zachary Testa, a photographer known by pseudonyms on Twitter, is allegedly the PEPE founder. 
  • PEPE price dropped 16% following the suspicious transfer of 16 trillion PEPE tokens to exchanges, likely linked to the project’s founder being doxxed.

PEPE meme coin’s founder was doxxed in a tweet by an NFT marketplace founder early on Friday morning. Jeremy Cahen, the founder of Not Larva Labs, revealed that Zachary Testa, a landscape photographer, has been doxxed as the founder of PEPE.

According to on-chain intelligence tracker Look on Chain, the PEPE team moved 16 trillion of the meme coin’s tokens to crypto exchanges, leading to panic among holders. The meme coin’s price dropped 16% within a 24-hour timeframe as early buyers and PEPE holders dumped their tokens, responding to the uncertainty surrounding the project.

Who is the PEPE founder?

Zachary Testa, known by his pseudonyms @degenharambe and @LordKekLol on Twitter, is a landscape photographer and violator of trespassing norms on various sacred indigenous lands. Testa has been identified as the PEPE founder after confirming his connections with the listings team of leading cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance. 

Testa came under the spotlight for his purchase of an $865,000 purple Lambo while not sharing earnings from the project with the creator of PEPE the frog meme, Matt Furie.

Cahen shared crypto wallet addresses linked with the PEPE creator in his tweet:

  • 0x8d2a5bdfc692ad912af77016fc75b49856c369f1
  • 0xea40b0f6BA2aD77fF2FedAe98Ca67EaefCBCBE4A (badussy.eth)
  • 0x9c46a675350ce1f7ca616bf4fb4e0a542295e302
  • 0x40962b448aa899196906646340cb4eb61a8d49b4

The mysterious transfers made by PEPE’s team, when they moved 16 trillion meme coin tokens to exchanges, raised suspicion in the crypto community and this is likely linked to Testa getting doxxed.

A multi-sig wallet linked to the PEPE team moved $15.5 million in tokens to exchanges like Binance, Bybit and OKX, resulting in a subsequent sell-off by early buyers and PEPE coin holders. 

While initially the multi-sig wallet required five of eight associated wallets’ approval, the criteria was changed to two before the mysterious transfers began. This roused suspicion in the crypto community. As PEPE holders grappled with the uncertainty, the token’s price has declined to $0.00000087 on Binance. 


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