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Binance CEO CZ says phishing attacks are targeting FTX, BlockFi, Genesis users after recent Kroll data leak



  • Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, noted that a new round of phishing attacks are targeting users of bankrupt platforms. 
  • The data breach at the financial and risk advisory firm resulted in a leak of user data, resulting in the phishing attacks. 
  • CZ shared a list of tips for users to fight phishing and protect their crypto asset holdings.

Kroll, a financial and risk advisory company, suffered a data breach and data of bankruptcy claimants for insolvent companies FTX, BlockFi and Genesis Global Holdco. CEO of Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the ecosystem, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), informed his 8.6 million followers of likely phishing attacks targeted at these users. 

Binance’s CZ warns users of phishing attacks and spreads awareness

Changpeng Zhao warned his Twitter followers of phishing attacks targeting bankruptcy claimants at firms like FTX, BlockFi and Genesis Global. Phishing is a type of cryptocurrency scam where victims give their private keys or other personal information. The attacker gains the trust of the victim through a misspelling in a URL or a link to click, in a phishing email.

Social media platforms are filled with reports of Kroll’s data breach.

CZ shared a Binance post on fighting phishing attacks, asking users to avoid clicking on links in emails about security incidents. Navigating to the webpage after checking the spelling and looking out for a https at the beginning of the URL, are a few of the recommendations, from the post.

Binance CEO asked users to keep their private keys and passwords private. Crypto traders in the ecosystem are likely to be survive the phishing attacks if they avoid sharing personal information on email.

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