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Pro-Bitcoin DeSantis Rises As Champion After GOP Debate; Trump Still Leads



Pro-Bitcoin advocate, Gov. Ron DeSantis, gains momentum in GOP race after debate performance, while Trump still holds a significant lead.

Pro-Bitcoin advocate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has seen a significant surge in his presidential campaign. A new national poll reveals that DeSantis’s stance, coupled with his performance at the debate, is resonating strongly with Republicans.

A New Contender in the GOP Race

An InsiderAdvantage survey unveiled that DeSantis now commands 18% of the support from likely Republican primary and caucus voters, an impressive leap from his pre-debate score of 10%. The debate, marked by discussions surrounding crime, immigration, and the economy, was a platform where DeSantis’s views stood out. Ryan Girdusky, a political consultant, remarked, “On the significant issues of this cycle, DeSantis outshined the rest and appeared highly presidential.”

Meanwhile, another GOP aspirant, Nikki Haley, doubled her support from 5% to 11%. This rise can be attributed to her assertive performance during the same debate. However, biotech and pro-crypto magnate Vivek Ramaswamy remained stable, maintaining his 7% foothold.

Trump’s Decline and Continued Dominance

Despite his absence from the debate, former President Donald Trump still boasts a dominant 45% support among Republicans, though it’s down 6 points from previous polls. Notably, Trump has faced criticism recently, being the first US president in history to have a mugshot. The former president, never one to be silent, took to Truth Social, highlighting another poll where he holds a lead over Joe Biden.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll displayed Trump’s edge over Biden in a potential general election rematch, boasting 38% to Biden’s 32%. Interestingly, 30% of the respondents remained neutral regarding the two high-profile candidates. When zeroing in on Republican respondents, this poll confirmed Trump’s significant lead, holding a 52%-13% advantage over DeSantis.


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