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Ripple Vs SEC

Ripple: Important Development in the SEC Case, SEC’s Request Accepted



XRP, is among the most talked-about cryptocurrencies of recent times, and the XRP community is the main contributor to XRP’s achievement of this title. XRP investors reacted very positively to the positive news from the SEC and the price, which rose to $0.91, was enthusiastically welcomed by the XRP community. Now, it seems possible for XRP investors to profit from this.

New Developments in the XRP Network

The XRP network, XRP Ledger, is currently facing an interesting proposal. Thanks to the pressure from the community, XRP can offer a new source of income. A long-awaited development is known as the acceptance of the XLS-30d proposal by the network. This means activating an internal automated market maker (AMM) on the XRP Ledger.

AMM is a term that many are familiar with. The AMM model, which is found in many decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, allows users to trade without any buyers or sellers. In this case, investors trade against the liquidity pool. The tokens in the pool are used in certain proportions, and income is provided to liquidity providers.

An Income Model is Coming for XRP Investors

All transactions made with a mathematical formula guarantee smooth progress. In addition, there is a certain transaction fee within the AMM, and these transaction fees are directly transferred to liquidity providers. So both traders and liquidity providers earn profits.

It is expected that the internal AMM protocol of the XRP Ledger will make a significant contribution to the XRP community. Among these contributions is a fixed fee that will be given to those who lock and provide liquidity for XRP.

Panos, a well-known figure familiar to the XRP community, also mentioned this issue in his statement. Panos emphasized that if this proposal is accepted, XRP investors will be able to earn on-chain income for the first time in history. This situation is interpreted as a revolution for XRP and a development that could have a positive impact on the price of XRP.


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