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PEPE coin early adopter acquires 1 trillion tokens despite rug pull allegations



  • PEPE coin early buyer purchased 1.04 trillion tokens worth $951,000 right before the price jump in the meme coin.
  • The large wallet investor previously accumulated 2.43 trillion PEPE near the launch and netted a profit of $1.67 million.
  • Despite the recent rug pull allegations by the crypto community, the whale continues accumulating PEPE coin.

PEPE coin is facing allegations of a rug pull after insiders were accused of stealing $15 million worth of the project’s tokens. Despite PEPE price decline and allegations, an early adopter of the meme coin jumped in to buy 1 trillion PEPE tokens.

PEPE accumulation by an early adopter would appear to be a sign of confidence in the meme coin.

PEPE coin early buyer jumps in to buy 1 trillion meme coins

An early adopter of the frog-themed meme coin acquired 1.04 trillion PEPE tokens late Tuesday night during European hours. Despite speculation in the crypto community of a rug pull, the buyer was undeterred and spent $951,000 in exchange for 1.04 trillion PEPE. 

1.04 trillion PEPE coin purchase by the buyer

1.04 trillion PEPE coin purchase by the buyer

The buyer has previously acquired 2.43 trillion PEPE tokens worth $60 at the beginning, netting a profit of $1.67 million post-sale. Interestingly, the purchase comes at a time when influencers and crypto analysts in the community are criticizing the PEPE project and accusing it of a rug pull.

The official Twitter handle of PEPE explained how former founding team members stole 16 trillion tokens worth nearly $15 million less than a week ago, leaving the project with a mere 10 trillion tokens in the multisig wallet. Find out more about it here. 

Allegations of rug pull

Kenobi, a developer and PEPE investor, called the community to sell the remaining tokens in light of the $15 million theft by the former founding team members. 

NebraskanGooner, a pseudonymous crypto analyst and trader, analyzed PEPE price chart and predicted a further decline in the meme coin. The influencer referred to the project as a “ponzi” and forecasts a drop to 0. 

At the time of writing, PEPE price is $0.00000088 on Binance, down 1.27% in the past 24 hours.


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