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Cardano Stakers Lock in $30M In Just 5 Days, Setting A Potential Price Surge



To underscore the growing bullish sentiment around Cardano (ADA), blockchain investor and entrepreneur Dr. Shweta revealedvia a tweetthat ADA stakers have locked in a remarkable $30 million within a mere five days. This surge in staking activity comes on the heels of Cardano’s successful defense of the critical $0.25 support level.

The recent staking spree has propelled Cardano’s staking rate to 63.43%, a clear testament to the robust commitment of the ADA community toward the cryptocurrency’s long-term potential. A pivotal metric, the Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio, is now suggesting that a rally above $0.29 could pave the way for ADA to target the $0.40 range.

While attention has recently gravitated toward Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solutions, Cardano’s Layer 1 platform remains steadfast and robust, demonstrating no signs of deceleration.

Cardano (ADA) 43% Drop Triggers Staking Spree

The surge in staking has been catalyzed by ADA’s 43% decline from its peak in 2023. This price correction prompted many ADA holders to seek yield-generating staking avenues.

Over a concise window spanning from August 24 to August 29, a notable 117 million ADA coins, equivalent to 0.53% of the total circulating supply, were staked by Cardano holders, amassing a total value of $30.6 million.

The amplified staking endeavors serve to curtail the available ADA supply in circulation, potentially laying the groundwork for an accelerated price surge as demand inches upward.

Remarkably, the upsurge in staking activity during a period of price resurgence suggests that ADA holders are positioning themselves for substantial gains down the line rather than hastily selling at the next major milestone.

As Cardano hovers around the $0.26 mark in current trading, a sustained movement of ADA tokens away from exchanges in favor of staking could feasibly incite a notable double-digit percentage price rally, conceivably reaching the $0.35 threshold.

Initial resistance might be encountered around the $0.28 level, stemming from investors who initiated positions at this price point. Overcoming this resistance could potentially pave the way for ADA to regain its footing in the $0.30 price range swiftly.

However, the surge in Cardano staking, coupled with a confluence of various key indicators, paints an encouraging picture for a forthcoming price rally, with the $0.30 mark emerging as a pivotal level to monitor closely.


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