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XRP Community Split Between Profit-Driven Investors and Tech Enthusiasts




A growing divide within the XRP community sees profit-focused investors ignoring the platform’s technical advances while tech enthusiasts focus on system improvements.

XRP has recently witnessed a widening community divide. On one side, some are mostly interested in the financial outcomes, keeping a close eye on the buying and selling points for maximized gains. Their main objective centers on how and when they can generate profits from their XRP investments.

Contrastingly, the other segment comprises dedicated engineers and developers. They toil tirelessly to enhance the technicalities of the XRP network.

By diving deep into factors like transaction speeds and throughputs, they aim to push the boundaries of what the platform can achieve. Yet, despite their hard work, they often find themselves in a tussle with the profit-centric segment of their community.

A representative scenario portrays a typical individual investing in XRP, with minimal interest in the technical nitty-gritty like node functions or data packet management. To this investor, the primary objective remains the potential return on his investment.

One of XRP critics says: “The average XRP investor doesn’t give a rats ass about “building.” They are not here to listen to technical details that make them fall asleep. They don’t care about nodes or TPS reports. They care about one thing: price. When did they buy, and when did they sell.”

However, it’s essential to highlight that predicting the future price of XRP can be complicated. Despite being a non-security, there’s an apparent obsession among some community members to align its price predictions with other securities.

Such notions, while prevalent, might not truly reflect the original vision and objectives of Ripple’s founding team.

As XRP navigates through turbulent times, with events such as the recent SEC vs. Ripple judgment and the introduction of the FedNow initiative, the crypto community finds itself at a crossroads.

In the past few days, Ripple’s XRP has steadily decreased against the US Dollar from the $0.550 support level. The price dropped below the support lines of $0.5300 and $0.5250.

If XRP goes above $0.500 and $0.525, it could start to go up again. Bears and bulls have been fighting over the last few days to keep the price in a certain range. Currently, XRP is worth $0.5001, down by 0.35% from 24 hours ago.

Ripple Building But Price Not Moving

In a recent development, RippleX’s developer community has rolled out an updated XRP Ledger version, rippled 1.12.0. This significant upgrade brings two key features—XLS-30 and XLS-39—into the ledger’s core protocol, marking a new era for the XRP network.

To finalize these changes, RippleX is currently facilitating a democratic voting process. The XLS-30 feature proposes the inclusion of Automated Market Makers (AMMs) in the ecosystem, a crucial development that could potentially revolutionize liquidity within the XRP network. On the other hand, XLS-39, known as the Clawback feature, aims to enhance transaction reversibility under certain conditions, adding an extra layer of security and flexibility for users.

Notably, Ripple Labs, the parent company behind RippleX, has also announced a generous philanthropic move. In collaboration with Jared Isaacman, CEO of Shift4, Ripple plans to triple the next $50,000 worth of XRP and other cryptocurrency donations made to the Maui Relief Fund. This announcement comes just after The Giving Block, a renowned charitable platform, added XRP to its list of accepted cryptocurrencies for donations.

As reported by The Crypto Basic, SBI Japan confirmed to Start an XRP-Based Remittance Service in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia This Month.

These RippleX and Ripple Labs updates showcase a robust and multifaceted approach to enhancing the XRP network and its broader community commitments. With these technical advancements and charitable endeavors, Ripple continues to solidify its standing in the ever-evolving fintech space.

As the XRP ecosystem continues to evolve with significant technical upgrades and charitable partnerships, the community seems divided in its focus. While some are solely fixated on the potential for financial gains, eagerly awaiting any price uptick, others are more engrossed in the platform’s developmental strides.


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