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MetaMask Introduces Support for Bitcoin, Solana and Cosmos Network With New ‘Snaps’ Feature



The most popular crypto wallet is introducing support for some of the largest blockchain networks in the world with the launch of a new feature.

MetaMask announces on the social media platform X the launch of the open beta for “Snaps,” which aims to make the MetaMask ecosystem more permissionless.

“Some time ago, Dan Finlay had an idea to build a platform that invites the developer community to build their own solutions to the hardest problems in Web3, without MetaMask’s approval.

This idea was the start of a vision to build a permissionless ecosystem in which any developer can build a feature for MetaMask and anyone can install and use it, customizing and enhancing their web3 experience.

And with that, MetaMask Snaps was born.”

MetaMask Snaps are customizable extensions that allow developers to extend the functionality of the MetaMask wallet to networks other than Ethereum or EVM compatible chains.

“So, what is MetaMask Snaps? MetaMask Snaps allows you to add features and functionality from independent developers to your MetaMask.

Your favorite wallet is now modular!”

Snaps can be used to add new features to the wallet, such as support for new blockchains, new asset types, or new user interfaces, and are installed and managed by the MetaMask Snaps Marketplace.

Developers can submit their Snaps to the marketplace for review and publication. Once a Snap is published by a developer, it can be installed by any MetaMask user.

“…With this first iteration, we need you to try MetaMask Snaps Open Beta and provide us with feedback that will shape the future of MetaMask.”


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