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Top Trader Says He’s Reaccumulating One Solana-Based Altcoin That’s Up Over 500% in Three Months – Here’s Why



A top crypto trader says that he is reaccumulating one Solana (SOL) ecosystem crypto and another under-the-radar altcoin.

Pseudonymous trader The Flow Horse, formerly known as Cantering Clark, tells his 182,400 followers on the social media platform X that the Solana-based sports betting and online gambling platform Rollbit (RLB) and crypto claims trading and derivatives marketplace Open Exchange (OX) are currently attractively priced after undergoing corrections of between 30% and 60%.

“Started buying back OX and RLB.

American football season is starting which ideally should bring attention to Rollbit as crypto futures dry up more, both venues are still underpriced, and the expected dip has been generous.”

RLB is trading at $0.143 at time of writing, down by around 30% from its all-time high reached in August. Since mid-June, RLB has rallied by around 521%.

OX is trading at $0.0328 at time of writing, down by around 60% from its all-time high recorded last month.

On why he believes OX is underpriced, the pseudonymous analyst says,

“Crypto Twitter will buy all types of meaningless garbage, so my alarm bells go off with something being unanimously hated. It just means that it is under-allocated for the time being, and I would not put it past the people behind the token to use it as a signaling mechanism.”


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